The web platform to optimize the value of your sales contracts

For BtoB companies willing to free their sales potential, optimize the sales contracts steering, give a vision of the financial impacts to all stakeholders, secure contractual commitments with a trade discount management tool.

For the Healthcare Industry

Designed by operational people for operational people

adapted to drugs, medical devices, equipment, cosmetics, …
Inpatient and Outpatient markets,
direct and indirect distribution channels

CoVO is THE solution to the difficulties encountered:

Valuable expert resources monopolized by filling in spreadsheets instead of analyzing results and making recommendations

The need to anticipate reporting requests based on customer appointments with significant production delays

Multiple spreadsheets, their updating of customers, articles, sales, provisions, with the associated errors and inconsistencies

Under- or oversized provisions due to spreadsheet limitations and distorted settlements

Excessive administrative costs and time spent on monitoring trade discounts, even though the stakes are often in the thousands or even millions of euros

Developped by experts in user experience for an intuitive and easy handling,
you will find with Covo a fast and efficient answer to all your challenges:

Are you a Sales Manager ?

Unleash commercial leverage and boost your turnover

Motivate your customers with discounts on sales and logistics targets and/or negotiate measurable compensation for expected price reductions. Demonstrate the competitiveness of your proposal by displaying your products with net prices (less discounts).

Do you work for a Finance department ?

Secure the financial forecasting of your commercial contracts

Share turnkey dashboards, alert in case of unexpected variation, easily adjust provisions, audit your commercial contracts and their financial flows

Are you in charge of the follow-up of commercial contracts?

Gain productivity in the management of commercial contracts

Free up time for profitable analyses and recommendations, accelerate your commercial efficiency and improve the relationship with your customers

Our clients tell us:

A need for commercial facilitation, time saving, reactivity, release of highly qualified resources, securing commitments thanks to an auditable solution.