September, a key month for the year-end landing !

publié le 28/08/2023
September, a key month for the year-end landing !

September is fast approaching, an important month for the year-end landing! Many companies have even switched to rolling forecasts. What are the implications for the controlling department?

Everything is speeding up, and the Controlling department has to keep up.

As Matthieu Quiret reminds us in this excellent article in Les Echos, « volatile raw material and energy prices, rising borrowing rates, wage inflation, shortages and logistical upheavals » mean that sales, earnings and cash flow forecasts have to be revised regularly (see link in the commentary below).

As a result, « budget preparation now accounts for between 40 and 60% of management controllers’ activity ».

All the more reason to support them with cutting-edge software that increases the speed of execution and reliability of forecasts. The benefits are numerous: reduced risk of error, increased data processing and analysis capacity, etc.

COVO is proud to support and assist controllers by automating calculations – actual and estimated – of sales, year-end discounts, commissions and other sales-related data, while guaranteeing total transparency of calculation details and traceability of corrections made.

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